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Great Office

"I had to pull my front tooth because of broken tooth. I could not go around without tooth as I work in customer service. Dr. Korshid replaced the tooth on the same day using implant with a temporary cap. I got my final cap few months after and now my implant tooth look even nicer than my other teeth. thank you."


Gentle Dentist

"They removed all my wisdom teeth in one appointment. I did not feel any pain even though they did not put me under and I felt almost no pain after. It was a great experience compare to what I heard abot wisdom teeth."


Highly Recommended

"I was referred by my dentist for increasing the height my tooth. They did it in less than a 45 minutes with no bleeding and discomfort. My gum looks very natural around the surgery area"


  Laser Gum Surgery
Gum reshaping

" I recieved laser gum surgery in their office. It was done using special numbig gel with no needle. It was painless and I did not have to get any stiches. They are the best.


Denture Implant

" I had my full false teeth for number of years. Dr. Korshid inserted 4 implants to secure my false teeth. I can eat better and not worrying about loose teeth any more. I wish I knew about them sooner."


  Denture Implant



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